Organizatia Internatională a Dansului (IDO) este o Federatie Mondială de Dans si Sport cu membri si contacte in peste 90 de tari, avand peste 500.000 dansatori, din sase continente, care perticipa la cupe si campionate europene si mondiale.

Romania a devenit  membra a IDO inca de la sfarsitul anului 2001. Incepand cu  anul 2006, Romania este "full member" fiind reprezentata, in acest moment, la nivel de asociatie. In anul 2007 a devenit membra in comitetul "Special Couple Dance" si  a obtinut primele licente de arbitri internationali.

Apr 26, 2021



IDO Romania is this week’s IDO National Member of the Week (NMO). The project is a marketing initiative led by the IDO Communications Department.

IDO Romania is delighted to be part of the IDO family. Some of the highlights include winning the IDO World Championships on two occasions. One of its memorable moments was when a Romanian small group – Supersonic – revealed the national flag, after one of the dancers jumped over the other six dancers.

The positive outcome of Covid-19 for the Romanian dancers is that it has allowed its members to be more determined to overcome obstacles and work hard to achieve their goals.

Anniversary message: Happy birthday IDO! We are so honoured and thrilled to be part of this great IDO culture!

Tune in to all IDO social media portals to view our IDO Member of the Week – IDO Romania!

This is a gift to all national members as IDO gears up to will see many IDO NMO’s featuring every week. The IDO Communications Department therefore asks all NMO’s to please send their videos so that we can present your country. All videos will be uploaded on IDO Web TV in due course.



On the eve of the International Dance Organizations 40th birthday, we as a team have managed to complete the IDO History Book from 1981 to 2021. It became a big job and mammoth task that started a long time, and many months of work are now behind us. IDO members, supporters, dancers, experts have all participated in this project.

Approximately 270 pages in 7 chapters present a summarized IDO history through images, documents and data taken from various sources around the world and with the presentation of each IDO member in a special format. (Mai multe detalii)


Departamentul de oficiali si educatie IDO a anunat programul online al seriei de conferinte IDO pentru oficiali, pentru săptămâna 6, începând de luni, 22 februarie! Maxim Istomin, Mitja Popovski si Ralf Josat.

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Organizatia Internatională a Dansului (IDO) este încântată sa confirme lansarea Comisiei pentru dansatori a IDO, în urma unei întâlniri de zoom online din 24 ianuarie 2021. Sase dansatori de pe două continente formează comisia, Just Berger din Germania fiind ales ca prim presedinte!

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